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Neal CL, Kronert WA, Camillo JRT, Suggs JA, Huxford T, Bernstein SI. (2024) Aging-affiliated post-translational modifications of skeletal muscle myosin affect biochemical properties, myofibril structure, muscle function, and proteostasis. Aging Cell. Mar 20

Kronert WA, Hsu KH, Madan A, Sarsoza F, Cammarato A, Bernstein SI. (2022) Myosin Transducer Inter-Strand Communication Is Critical for Normal ATPase Activity and Myofibril Structure Biology (Basel). Jul 29;11(8).

Kaylyn M Bell, Alice Huang, William A Kronert, Sanford I Bernstein, Douglas M Swank. (2021) Prolonged myosin binding increases muscle stiffness in Drosophila models of Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. Biophys J.

Yiming Guo, William A Kronert, Karen H Hsu, Alice Huang, Floyd Sarsoza, Kaylyn M Bell, Jennifer A Suggs, Douglas M Swank, Sanford I Bernstein. (2020) Drosophila myosin mutants model the disparate severity of type 1 and type 2B distal arthrogryposis and indicate an enhanced actin affinity mechanism. Skelet Muscle.

Bell KM, Kronert WA, Huang A1, Bernstein SI, Swank DM. (2019) The R249Q hypertrophic cardiomyopathy myosin mutation decreases contractility in Drosophila by impeding force production. J Physiol Apr 4.

Rao DS, Kronert WA, Guo Y, Hsu KH, Sarsoza F, Bernstein SI (2019) Reductions in ATPase activity, actin sliding velocity and myofibril stability yield muscle dysfunction in Drosophila models of myosin-based Freeman Sheldon syndrome. Mol Biol Cell. Jan 1; 30(1): 30-41.

Kronert WA, Bell KM, Viswanathan MC, Melkani GC, Trujillo AS, Huang A, Melkani A, Cammarato A, Swank DM, Bernstein SI. (2018) Prolonged cross-bridge binding triggers muscle dysfunction in a Drosophila model of myosin-based hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Elife. 2018 Aug 13;7

Viswanathan MC, Tham RC, Kronert WA, Sarsoza F, Trujillo AS, Cammarato A, Bernstein SI. (2017) Myosin storage myopathy mutations yield defective myosin filament assembly in vitro and disrupted myofibrillar structure and function in vivo. Hum Mol Genet. Dec 15;26(24):4799-4813.

Kronert WA, Melkani GC, Melkani A, Bernstein SI. (2015) Failure to Communicate MYOSIN RESIDUES INVOLVED IN HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY AFFECT INTERDOMAIN INTERACTION. J Biol Chem. 290: 29270–29280.

Kooij V, Viswanathan MC, Lee DI, Rainer PP, Schmidt W, Kronert WA, Harding SE, Kass DA, Bernstein SI, Van Eyk JE, Cammarato A. (2016) Profilin modulates sarcomeric organization and mediates cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. Cardiovasc Res. 110(2):238-48.

William A. Kronert, Girish C. Melkani, Anju Melkani, and Sanford I. Bernstein (2014) Mapping Interactions Between Myosin Relay and Converter Domains that Power Muscle Function. J Biol Chem. Mar 13

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Wang Y, Melkani GC, Suggs JA, Melkani A, Kronert WA, Cammarato A, Bernstein SI. (2012) Expression of the inclusion body myopathy 3 mutation in Drosophila depresses myosin function and stability and recapitulates muscle inclusions and weakness. Mol Biol Cell. 23:2057-65.

Lee, C. F., G. C. Melkani, Q. Yu, J. A. Suggs, W. A. Kronert, Y. Suzuki, L. Hipolito, M. G. Price, H. F. Epstein and S. I. Bernstein (2011) Drosophila UNC-45 accumulates in embryonic blastoderm and in muscles and is essential for muscle myosin stability. J. Cell Sci. 24: 699-705.

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Wassenberg II, D.R., W.A. Kronert, P.T. O'Donnell and S.I. Bernstein. (1987) Analysis of the 5' end of the Drosophila muscle myosin heavy chain gene: alternatively spliced transcripts initiate at a single site and intron locations are conserved compared to myosin genes of other organisms. J. Biol. Chem. 262:10741-10747.

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