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I am enjoying a very rewarding and happy life. I was born in 1960 and raised in San Diego, California. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from San Diego State University in 1984. I have been working in Dr. Bernstein's lab since 1983. Dr. Bernstein's lab uses the fruit fly, Drosophila for his research. Our studies involve muscle specific genes such as myosin heavy chain and UNC-45. We use Drosophila as a model to study human based myosin diseases such as cardiomyopathy.

Update: We are both retiring on 4/30/2020. Eugenia will have had 5 years working at SDSU and I would have 37 years at SDSU. I will still maintain an official volunteer position at SDSU to maintain Dr. Bernstein's webpage. We will be moving to our dream home in Oregon on May 7th, 2020. Much more updates will follow as time permits. Our dream has arrived.

I enjoy many hobbies ranging from computers to politics. I once volunteered to run the University Usenet News Server for over 5 years. Computers have always interested me. I teach myself as I need to know and enjoy the exploring and learning process. I once started a local singles computer based group (this was before computer dating became so well known) where people would meet for various activities such as lunches, movies, bike riding, etc. The singles group resulted in at least three successful marriages.

In October of 2001 I married my best friend and best companion, Eugenia. Eugenia is from Argentina and moved to the USA in September of 2000. Eugenia worked as a kindergarten teacher in Argentina. Eugenia has spent more than eight years working as a medical insurance eligibility and electronic medical records clerk. Eugenia is now working as a Biology Assistant Administrator in the Bioscience Center at SDSU. In our spare time we enjoy many activities. We are both very quiet soft spoken people that enjoy much of the same things. We regularly go mountain biking or hiking. We like to go to Mount Laguna during the summer for mountain biking and Cuyamaca during the winter time for hiking. We enjoy Sycamore Canyon for hiking and biking. We also enjoy white water rafting and horse riding. Most any activity that is outdoors with peacefulness and serenity we enjoy.

In the summer of 2019 as part of our journey toward retirement we sold our home of 23 years in San Diego. We are currently and temporarily renting a home in La Mesa before retiring to our home in Oregon. Our future retirement home is located in Grants Pass, Oregon. The retirement home is in Josephine County a rural residential area just 8 miles outside of Grants Pass and has 2.7 acres of flat wooded land. The Rogue River flows through Grants Pass (river webcam), where you can enjoy rafting and fishing.

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